Sagittarius Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. began business in Taiwan more than 20 years ago. The company produces protective equipment for the United States sports community. As the business growing both space, the availability of worker became an issue. Sagittarius moved first to the Philippines and then to Xiamen, China.

Sagittarius Sporting Goods Co., Ltd’s entire manufacturing process is now in Xiamen. Sales functions are divided between offices in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Xiamen. Accounting is also divided.

The Xiamen facility currently occupies more than 180,000M2 of manufacturing space. There are also five dormitories on site.

The companies share the same land but are managed autonomously. They share multiple synergies in manufacturing.

The total complex employees are more than 3,200 people. The work environment is carefully controlled for safety and cleanliness. Quality, Efficiency, and Neatness are the watch words of all divisions.

The central laboratory has environmental, UV, strength and numerousother test capabilities. Some of the divisions have achieved ISO 9001 recognition. This level of quality assurance is not necessary in all divisions of the operation. Any products requiring the highest form of quality monitoring will be subject to ISO 9001 systems.

Quality assurance is the highest priority at all of the Sagittarius facilities. Sagittarius maintains a central quality assurance laboratory in administration building, but each division has the necessary equipment to constantly monitor processes.